March 24, 2022

CSW66 Popcorn Power Hour: the Climate Crisis is a Gender Crisis, Speed Panel Discussion

This CSW66 Speed Panel is jointly led by the Generation Equality Action Coalitions on Bodily Autonomy, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Feminist Movement & Leaderships and Feminist Action for Climate Justice. The fifteen-minute speed panel discusses the responsibility of Action Coalition Leaders and other key stakeholders e.g. Governments to drive financing and partnerships on the intersectional issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights and climate change; what the science tells us about the role of women in tackling climate impacts; the historical and intersectional issues dimensions we need to address for the deepening gender and climate crisis; and what key actions need to be taken. The panel features: Ambassador Delphine O (Government of France & Secretary General for the Generation Equality Forum), Yamide Dagnet (Director for Climate Justice, OSF), Ana Paula Barreto (Transnational Birth Equity Director for the National Birth Equity Collaborative) and Tanya Trevors (Deputy Director Global Affairs Canada), moderated by Roberta Clarke (UN Women, Action Coalition Thematic Lead). This session is co-organized by UN Women, ARROW, CIFF, Fridays for the Future, Global Affairs, Canada, Government of France, IPPF, OSF, UN OHCHR, UNFPA, Youth Coalition for SRHR.