Unpacking Gender Equality And How To Positively Contribute To Change – Dr Shakira Choonara

We often use the term “gender” but what does it mean? Often the terms “sex” and “gender” are commonly used interchangeably ( to mean the same thing) but there is a significant and important difference. Sex refers to biological differences between males and females. Gender refers to socially constructed characteristics of men, women, and other genders (e.g. transgender individuals). […]


Reflecting on Women’s Month: The Struggles of Adolescent Females Across the Globe

Daily Maverick journalist Sune Payne together with Dr. Shakira Choonara, Technical Specialist at WHO and Lancet Commissioner on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing, and Surabhi Dogra, Lancet Commissioner on Adolescent Health will examine the challenges faced by Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in low- and middle-income countries. AGYW carry the burdens of HIV, child marriages, […]


The opportunities and perils of the digital age for gender equality

Last month (6-17 March 2023) gender equality activists convened at the Sixty-seventh Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York and virtually. This year’s theme was centred on, “Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”.  This theme is under the banner of Sustainable […]


‘Female adolescent struggles are often overlooked’ – health and wellbeing experts

Despite significant global investment in programmes for adolescent girls and young women, this group continues to carry the burden of HIV, child marriages, female genital mutilation, unmet needs for contraception and high levels of teenage pregnancy. Dr Shakira Choonara and Surabhi Dogra discuss some of these struggles. Read more here:

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Engage Youth in climate change solutions – Official

Engaging African Youths in conversation on climate change crisis is crucial as they have ideas, solutions and motivation capable of solving the climate crisis.    By involving the youth, does not only mean inclusion, but also important for economic growth, innovation and health security. The Manager for Global Health Strategies, based in Kenya, Mr Ouma […]

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Work Together Against Climate Crisis For A Healthy Continent Or Perish, African Countries Urged

By Godfrey Ombogo Kigali, Rwanda: African governments have been urged to work together in championing one health and the fight against climate change. Amref Health Africa Group CEO Gitahi Githinji says Africa and its people today are facing four frictions that need synergy and harmony to successfully tackle; COVID-19 and public health threats, climate change, conflicts in […]

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Networking & Hobnobbing 101: The Road to Bogota, 7th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

THEE programme of programmes has kicked off –  Emerging Voices Global Health #EV2022. We are also about a week away from the biennial Global Symposium on Health Systems Research #HSR2022. Post COVID-19 I think we’re all on shaky ground (or at least I am) when it comes to interacting with humans one again (gulp) or even having […]


Why denying foreign nationals access to health is a human rights violation

Discrimination against foreign nationals’ ability to access healthcare facilities in South Africa remains a concerning issue in the country. Bongani Bingwa speaks to public health practitioner, Shakira Choonara, about how denying foreign nationals’ access to healthcare facilities in South Africa is discriminatory and a human rights violation. Arguments stem from foreign nationals exerting too much […]

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