Afraid & Depressed, Scenes from South Africa remind me of Palestine

About two years ago, I travelled to Tunisia for training. All around, were the ravages of what I guess were the 2015 inhumane terrorist attacks and follow-on events. Expensive yachts have been abandoned, beautiful hotels are in ruins, huge parts of coastal areas such as Hammamet are deserted, even five-star hotels are completely empty. At […]

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The Force Behind the Stories of 1000 Women

I had been quite a newbie on Twitter in 2016 and had taken my chances to DM (aka direct message) Sharon D’Agostino to network during a Conference. This was one of my first attempts at networking back then and I was not quite sure what to expect. Sharon immediately invited me to sit down, and […]

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’Covid-19 models are not always 100% correct’

Johannesburg – South African Medical Association (SAMA) chairperson Dr Angelique Coetzee says the Covid-19 third wave is not likely to come this month as earlier projected. “Most probably next month or maybe July… it depends on behaviour mostly. Even the latest modelling has hesitated to give a time frame – it all comes down to […]

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Achieving a body positive society – by Doctor Shakira Choonara

Body positivity involves loving yourself and those around you regardless of physical appearance. Achieving a body positive society is about encouraging a culture of self-positivity, acceptance and health among the people in our lives. Unfortunately, we live in a society that encourages us to strive for perfection instead of reality on how we should actually […]


Experts discourage South Africa from banning Indian travel, recommend quarantine measures for travellers

DURBAN – EXPERTS have said that instead of imposing a blanket ban on travellers from Covid-19-ravaged India, the South African government should consider quarantine measures and focus on its genomic surveillance of the coronavirus. Debate has raged about whether South Africa should impose a travel ban on India as that country battles the spread of […]

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Doomsday & Empty Promises: Playing with the Health Needs of Women and Young People

If I reflect on the past decade or so which I have spent in the field of public health, there are a few things which stand out for me; 1) the politicisation or controversial nature of women’s health and young people’s health (including adolescent health), 2) the struggle it has been to begin to make […]

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Threats to Health Systems Accountability & Governance

Much has been written about the impact of COVID-19. One of the more prominent issues which has come to light within the framework of health systems governance, has been Government corruption associated with COVID-19 response funds.  There is less focus on the severe impact on civil society organisations (CSOs) and their critical role in bolstering […]

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