August 26, 2019

O Bohlokwa, You are worthy

Dr. Shakira Choonra considers herself to be an ordinary individual with huge dreams and aspirations for the world! She is an African Union Youth Advisory Council Member.

What do you do?

I try to make the world a better place in anything that I do, whether it’s something small and minuscule in the way I treat others, to challenging policies or discrimination or something large like shaking up a conference panel/ setting! While I work in healthcare, I have a profound love for both South Africa and the continent at large now serving in a youth role at the African Union (unreal I know)! Outside of healthcare, improving the lives of persons with disabilities is something very close to my heart and thinking of the issues will bring me to tears in a heartbeat.

Why are you worthy?

As we grow up we often hope for different hair, or bodies or even skin tones as I have gone through life, I have begun to appreciate and celebrate myself a lot more, the strong voice I bring to a setting, the incredible ideas I have and the sense of humanity I have.

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