Health Systems & Policy Research

Significance of informal (on-the-job) learning and leadership development in health systems: lessons from a district finance team in South Africa

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National Health Insurance: South Africa’s most progressive reform to date

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Financing Universal Health Care in SA

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Factors influencing the usage of different types of malaria prevention methods during pregnancy in Kenya

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Value of ethnography: Understanding health system financial management

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Inside-outside View: Gender, youth and the dilemma of serving in the African Union

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Addressing Noncommunicable Diseases in Adolescence

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Engaging young people for health and sustainable development

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The Future of Public Health: Engaging Students and Young Professionals

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A Better World: Hope from Africa

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World Health Organization at the European Development Days 2015

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Youth engagement

Urgency for transformation: youth engagement in global health

Bulc B, Al-Wahdani B, Bustreo F, Choonara S, Demaio A, Jácome DI, Lal A, Odede JP, Orlic P, Ramchandani R, Walji S. Read more:

Sustainable Development girls: mapping youth advocacy and action to achieve sexual and reproductive health rights in Africa

Choonara S. Banda R. Chitimira R. Ditsele G. Hwengwere M. Magwenzi T. Msekele S.Phiri C. Simelane ZN. Masikati I. Read more:

Getting Started: Surviving and Succeeding During the Pre-Doctoral Stage Getting Started: Surviving and Succeeding During the Pre-Doctoral Stage

Choonara S. Edited by; Frick L., Motshoane, P., McMaster, C., Murphy, C. Read more:

Changing the narrative: responsibility for youth engagement is a two-way street

Lal A. Bulc B. Bewa MJ. Cassim MY. Choonara S. Efendioglu E. Germann S. Hafeez H. Iversen K. Nishtar S. O’Leary C. Orlic P. Ralston J. Ramchandani R. Walji S. 2019 Read more:

SRHR Africa Trust (formerly the Southern African AIDS Trust)

While employed at the SRHR Africa Trust (SAT), Dr Choonara in her capacity as Regional Adolescent Health Manager was part of a team leading the successful implementation of HER VOICE FUND. A pilot project by the Global Fund to include adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in HIV policies across thirteen sub-Saharan African Countries. Together with the stellar team she also launched the Her Voice Ambassador Programme.

Dr Choonara’s entry point and developing a passion for youth was through being offered the platform at SAT to spearhead youth leadership and development programmes, namely the Regional Youth Hubs (#SAT4YOUTH) across Eastern and Southern Africa. Additionally, she was responsible for developing leadership programmes in sexual and reproductive health, titled “Creating a YouthQuake in SRHR.”

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Her Voice Fund

Other networks

Dr Choonara contributed to multiple networks e.g. contributing to NCD Child’s recommendations for the high-level United Nations (UN) meeting  on noncommunicable diseases, grassroots/ community advocacy around non-racism with the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and communication support for the Emerging Voices for Global Health programme.

Post being a European Union Young Leader for Health in 2015, Dr Choonara was invited to serve as one of the founding Editors of the Young Leaders for Development Blog aimed at increasing youth voices around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Below are some of the highlights of Dr Choonara’s renowned public speaking moments;

In 2018, at the Africa Conference on Sexual Health Rights only senior panelists were given chairs. Dr Choonara challenged the status quo by picking up her chair as a young person and joining the panel with the United Nations (UN) Youth Envoy

In 2017, Dr Choonara was invited as a high-level panelist to participate in the Canadian Conference in Global Health. She made history by blindfolding a panel to demonstrate the inaccessibility of medications for those who are visually impaired

At the 71st World Health Assembly Dr Choonara was invited to speak during a Youth Town hall alongside the World Health Organization (WHO) Advisor on Gender and Youth (Diah Saminarsih) where she subtly pushed and encouraged youth creativity in the room “How can us as youth, be hip and bold at the same time.”

At the Public Health Association of South Africa Conference 2018 (#PHASA2018), Dr Choonara illustrated a simple strategy for youth inclusion by inviting a youth participant to sit alongside her and contribute to the discussion, demonstrating the importance of bringing all voices into the room and making way for others

Dr Choonara is an established blogger, vlogger and has vast experience engaging with the media. When appointed to the African Union (AU) a major commitment made was to being the continental body closer to home, closer to young people.

Have a listen to radio interviews on Talk Radio 702 & SAfm Sunrise:

“Being in healthcare and outside of the political sphere, I too struggle with the huge volumes of policy documents, political commitments and charters. In line with the Instagram post best of nine #2019 as I learn and immerse myself in the AU, I draw out nine-key points for a quick five minute read for youth!

#YouthAlert aims to have these documents translated in a youth-friendly manner and youth having technical knowledge readily at their fingertips!

It’s critical for us to push these documents from being dead and buried, being empty promises to living commitments we need to strive for and hold stakeholders accountable”.