April 2022, Recommended by SC Development Consulting, Young African Scholar, Goitse Ditsele.

April 2021, Recommended by SC Development Consulting, Young African Scholar, Goitse Ditsele

Violence against women prevalence estimates, 2018: global, regional and national prevalence estimates for intimate partner violence against women and global and regional prevalence estimates for non-partner sexual violence against women. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2021.

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Getting Help for Gender-Based Violence – Dr Shakira

Sometimes, we may find ourselves in situations where we convince ourselves that abusive situations are “normal”, and we don’t seek out help. In some cases, there are clear signs of abuse e.g., physical violence, but in other cases, it could involve someone trying to control everything you do, threatening, bullying you, forcing you to have […]


Evidence attack in public health: Diverse actors’ experiences with translating controversial or misrepresented evidence in health policy and systems research

Bringing evidence into policy and practice discussions is political; more so when evidence from health studies or programme data are deemed controversial or unexpected, or when results are manipulated and misrepresented. Furthermore, opinion and misinformation in recent years has challenged our notions about how to achieve evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM). Health policy and systems (HPS) researchers […]

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CSW66 Popcorn Power Hour: the Climate Crisis is a Gender Crisis, Speed Panel Discussion

This CSW66 Speed Panel is jointly led by the Generation Equality Action Coalitions on Bodily Autonomy, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Feminist Movement & Leaderships and Feminist Action for Climate Justice. The fifteen-minute speed panel discusses the responsibility of Action Coalition Leaders and other key stakeholders e.g. Governments to drive financing and partnerships on the […]


#BreakTheBias: Making Women’s Voices Matter in the Media

By Kemisola Agbaoye and Hadiza Mohammed (Lead Writers) Conquering gender bias is no easy feat as it is steeped in cultural and societal constructs that are difficult to break. In African society, social norms and gender stereotypes favour boys over girls in many aspects of their lives, further widening gender disparities and hampering social and economic progress. […]

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Early and unintended pregnancies threaten triple dividend

In the 21st century, the rights of women and girls over their bodies, sexual choices, and access to sexual health services, and the realisation of sexual and reproductive health rights are still determined by patriarchal systems and oppressive power. Attaining sexual and reproductive health rights remains political and in constant disequilibrium, vulnerable to politicised health […]

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How we can combat mental health stigma – by Dr Shakira

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression, anxiety and behavioural issues are the leading mental health conditions among teenagers. If you know someone who’s suffering from depression, they may not want to go about their daily tasks e.g. not eating, not sleeping, not speaking to anyone. Anxiety is having constant feelings of worry- those who have anxiety […]


#ThoughtSpace: The Plunge into Entrepreneurship

A couple of years ago, as the outside world looked on, they thought I had landed my dream job. I had been earning more than I anticipated and a lot sooner. Except behind the scenes, I was bored, unfulfilled and miserable. In fact, I realised, I had made a mistake leaving a previous job in […]

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COVID-19 Sh****** Experience Ever!

Since the onset of the pandemic, I had been COVID-19 free! Thank goodness! About two weeks ago, I suddenly felt extremely light-headed. For the first time, I had this intense “out of body experience”. The next day was met with dragging myself out of bed. I brushed it off as “working too much.” I had […]

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