COVID-19: Social Butterfly Survival

It is almost as if we are robots sitting all day at our screens and now it’s almost as if the wires are all being fried i.e., brain, neck, lower back, eyes, posture, elbows. Previously, even though we were robots of sorts, we would still have human interaction, walk to work, get on a bus […]

Loss & Renewed Purpose: The Experience of Shifting Identities

A sociology lecturer once explained; the minute you meet someone, questions around what they do in terms of their work/ careers leads to assumptions, a classification of who they are/ social standing and determines your interest, interaction, and relationship. Think about it, we all have identities which have shifted over time, from being at school, […]

Mentoring: Extraordinary Two-Way Value

As I sat across Lesego Pearl Nkosi, Friday 27th November 2020, she was thanking me, to which I teared up as I actually thanked her for the impact she has had on my life and said to her, “I have been broken down by many, many people, but I espouse and give back after learning […]